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On the situation in the sphere of entrepreneurship


The chairmen of the parliamentary committees gave an assessment of the work done in 2017 by the government. The head of the profile parliamentary committee Viktor Guzun spoke about the situation in the sphere of entrepreneurship.

The parliamentarian noted the positive moments that took place last year, announced by the President of the Year of the entrepreneur. According to him, for the first time in many years the government went on an open dialogue with entrepreneurs. Dozens of meetings with representatives of the business community were held, road development maps were developed. The work was aimed at ensuring that the authorities and business finally heard each other. However, according to the legislator, there is still much work to be done.

Until now, there is no register of permits, regulations on their issuance. This, the deputy supposes, complicates the work of economic entities, leads to duplication of certificates, which are requested by the controlling bodies.

As an example, the people's representative cited a list of documents that require the businessman two control bodies - the State Supervision Service of the Ministry of Justice and the State Service of Environmental Control and the Environment.

 In his opinion, there are many questions that need to be asked for documents related to the certification of jobs. This is quite a costly procedure.

Another absolutely unique case was brought by the people's representative: The State Environmental Protection Service demands that the results of previous inspections be provided.

The parliamentarian expressed hope that with the launch of the portal of public services the situation will change for the better.

Another example of excessive administration, which led Victor Guzun, concerned retired people. Voters applied this question to the people's deputy in the course of receptions on personal issues.

The deputy said that as a result of "correspondence" with the executive authorities, the issue was managed to move from the dead point, although it could not be solved completely. It was decided to shorten the time for reissue of the certificate - from 30 to 15 days. According to the legislator, this does not solve problem.