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On the development of Pridnestrovian science


The President Vadim Krasnoselsky met with representatives of the scientific community of the republic on the Day of Science. Members of the Supreme Council, representatives of the government, ministries and departments also took part in it.

Having addressed the congratulations to the Pridnestrovian scientists, heads of educational institutions, teachers, the President emphasized the importance of the development of scientific directions for the state, as well as the qualitative functioning of the system of training scientific and pedagogical personnel.

The meeting participants discussed a wide range of issues related to financing the scientific sphere, supporting innovative developments, improving the training of young scientists, and others.

In the opinion of scientists, it is necessary to increase state expenditures on the sphere of science. Now, expenditures are about 0.2% of GDP. First Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Kirova supposes that an increase in the amount of funds for this article will be possible in parallel with the growth of gross domestic product.

According to the rector of the PSU named after T. Shevchenko, Stepan Beril, it is necessary to open own dissertational councils in the republic in order to improve the efficiency of training of young scientists. He recalled that they acted in Pridnestrovie from 2001 to 2006 with the help of specialists from the Moscow State University. Creation of own dissertational councils on the most topical areas (agriculture, pedagogy, history, etc.) would solve this issue. The proposal was promised to be discussed in the government.

Promotion of innovative university developments is another important direction, indicated by representatives of the state university. In this vein, the law-in-draft "On autonomous institutions" has been developed. According to the representatives of the Government, this will allow the university to develop more intensively and create additional sources for the development of the scientific sphere.

The deputy of the Supreme Council, Mikhail Burla, assured that by mid-March the law-in-draft will be adopted by the parliamentarians and sent to the president for signature.

Participants of the meeting also voiced problems that concern the ecology of Pridnestrovie and, in particular, the rescue of the Dniester River, the restoration of forest areas. The President said that the heads of state administrations in the sphere were instructed to develop programs for the greening of cities and districts. In this regard, the President said that 2019 is planned to be declared the Year of Ecology and Improvement.