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About the main moments of the national celebration


The new issue of "The Deputy Hour" information-analytical program was aired. The main theme is the celebration of the Great Victory Day. The Parliamentary Press Service prepared a selection of video materials for the attention of viewers:

- The central event of the holiday is the military parade. There were deputies of the Supreme Council among the participants of "The Immortal Regiment";

- A large military-patriotic feast was held on the territory of the OGRW;

- The traditional front-line Zemlyanka was held in Tiraspol;

- The winning number of the "The Pravda" newspaper dated May 9, 1945 was distributed in the capital. Among the organizers of the mass event there is the Supreme Council;

- Deputies of the Supreme Council visited veterans of the Great Patriotic War and workers of the rear in their constituencies;

- A record number of spectators gathered reconstruction of the battle with elements of the crossing of the Dniester.

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