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A new issue of “The Deputy Hour” information and analytical program was aired. You can watch a selection of video materials here and on our You-Tube channel “News of the Supreme Council of the PMR”:

1. When they will adopt the budget. The schedule of consideration of the document was approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Council.

2. Vice Speaker Galina Antyufeyeva - a member of the World Congress of Compatriots in Moscow.

3. The chairman of the youth parliament Alexander Savich spoke about future plans.

4. Work in constituencies. Video report by Deputy Supreme Council Andrei Safonov.

5. Scholarships from the President. Speaker Alexander Shcherba and parliamentarian Mikhail Burla took part in a solemn ceremony.

6. A history lesson that must not be forgotten. The remains of victims of political repression were reburied in Tiraspol.

7. What are the residents of Karagash village proud of? There will be a temple festival soon.

8. Day of the city of Dubossary. Deputies of the Supreme Council Petr Pasat and Oleg Bayev congratulated the townspeople.

9. VLKSM - 100 years! As noted anniversary in the republic.

Detailed information about the work of the legislature can be found on the official website of the Parliament and on the pages of “The Councils of the People” newspaper. We are in social networks.

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