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New in the legislation


The President Vadim Krasnoselsky signed a law that excludes from the Code of Administrative Offenses a rule on payment of a fine at the place of the offense. Law enforcement officers from now on will not have the right to accept cash from citizens who violated the Rules of the Road. If a driver admits guilt, he issued a decision imposing an administrative fine. It can be paid voluntarily within 60 days. If the guilty will do it within the first 20 days, the penalty will be reduced by half.

This year, the Supreme Council adopted amendments to the law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”. They establish the right of the PMR Prosecutor to restrict access to information that has signs of extremist, distributed on the Internet in violation of the law. The other day, the President signed amendments to the Code on Administrative Offenses made by parliamentarians, which established responsibility for the failure of the telecommunications operator to fulfill its obligations to restrict access to such information. This entails the imposition of an administrative fine on officials in the amount of from 150 to 200 MW, on legal charges - from 400 to 500 MW.

The legal basis of the republic was added to the new law for Pridnestrovie “On the procedure for serving an administrative arrest”. Prior to that, legal relations in this area were regulated by the position of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2002, but now they are put on a legal basis. The emphasis in the enacted legislation is made on improving the conditions of serving an administrative arrest. The document also provides for the possibility of overseeing the activities of administrations of places of serving administrative arrest. The document recommended that the executive authorities determine the nutritional standards for persons under administrative arrest and the procedures for their medical examination.

The basic law was amended, governing the remuneration of public sector employees. They relate to the determination of the monetary allowance of cadets of the Tiraspol Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The official salaries and salaries for special titles are set at the same size for cadets of the first and second courses of TUI, as for military personnel who are in active military service, and from the third to the fifth courses - at the level of those serving under a contract.

The Electoral Code was adjusted. The President signed the law, according to which elections can be held only on Sunday. Voting is not allowed on a non-working holiday, on the day preceding it, on the day following the non-working holiday, and on Sunday, which is announced on the working day in the prescribed manner. In addition, the new legislative act states, “During elections, the use of images of an individual (photos, videotapes, works of art, where he is shown, or images created using computer processing technologies) without his consent is allowed only in cases when the image other than this person is present the candidate himself. In all other cases, the written consent of the individual to use his image in the campaign material is necessary".