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New in the legal framework


The legal basis of the republic was supplemented by legislative acts adopted by elected by the people deputies that after being signed by President Vadim Krasnoselsky entered into force. The changes and additions made by the parliamentarians to the law “On Universal Military Duty and Military Service” provide graduate students with the right to receive a deferment from military service.

Applicants for scientific degrees that entered graduate school in full-time department will be exempted from military service for the period of post-graduate training. Previously, graduate students had the right to defer from the army. However in 2014 the order of military service was changed. Under the new rules, university students are granted a deferment from the army only for the first year of study. The only exceptions were the medical and physico-mathematical areas of training.

11 people applied to the military commissariats of the republic with a request for granting a deferment from conscription to active military service in connection with enrolling in graduate school from 2014 to 2017.

Recall that earlier, in order to avoid violating the principle of continuity of the educational process, the Supreme Council supported the law-in-draft of the President, allowing students to combine military service and full-time and part-time education. Soldiers who study in higher educational institutions are granted leave for the entire period of both the winter and summer sessions on the basis of a call reference letter.