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At the meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Council,


Regular plenary session of the Supreme Council is scheduled for June 26. This decision was made today by members of the presidium of the legislature. Vice Speaker, Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Legislation, Law Enforcement Agencies, Defense, Security, Peacekeeping, Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens Galina Antyufeyeva presented to her colleagues draft laws prepared by the relevant committee for consideration by the deputies.

The authors of the changes and additions to the law "On Employment" were made by Galina Antyufeyeva, Grigory Dyachenko, Vitaly Kalin, Vadim Lipsky and Oleg Petrik. The purpose of the law-in-draft is to provide opportunities for the promotion of employment to persons who are citizens of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and live long (over one year) in the territory of the republic on the basis of registration at the place of stay. In particular, it is proposed to expand the circle of persons in respect of whom measures of social guarantees in the field of employment are being implemented. Currently, these guarantees are provided only to citizens permanently residing in the territory of the republic, namely, having a residence permit or registration at the place of residence in the territory of the republic.

The government has submitted for consideration law-in-draft amending the Code of Administrative Offenses. The purpose of introducing a legislative initiative is to improve the legislation on administrative offenses in terms of establishing responsibility for drinking alcoholic and alcohol-containing beverages in public places. The developer proposes to clarify the composition of the offense in the case of drinking such beverages in trade organizations located in children's, educational and medical organizations, in cultural organizations and other public places. According to the information provided in the explanatory note to the law-in-draft, more than 18 thousand administrative cases were initiated in the Pridnestrovian territory for the past two years for violation of the requirements of the relevant article of the Administrative Code.

The agenda of the meeting, scheduled for June 12, includes 50 issues. Amendments to the Constitution of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic aimed at reducing the size of the Supreme Council from 43 to 33 deputies are submitted for consideration in the second reading. The authors of the initiative are a large group of deputies.

During tomorrow’s meeting, it is planned to consider amendments to the law “On additional measures aimed at stabilizing the economy of the PMR”. It is about helping sewing enterprises. Currently, there is an acute shortage of workers in the industry. Today, the need for seamstresses is about 405 people. The deficit can be filled by attracting new workers who are not residents of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic to the sewing enterprises of the republic. The main job incentive for these people will be the provision of standard tax deductions for their wages, established by the current tax legislation of the PMR for residents only. The Economic Policy, Budget and Finance Committee, having discussed the initiative, recommended adopting it in the first reading taking into account the proposals received.