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“Tirotex” honored the memory of the company’s employees who defended Pridnestrovie


The Tirotex Memorial brought together those who remember the events of 1992 on June 19, the day of the 28th anniversary of the beginning of the Bender tragedy. The management of the textile enterprise - Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council Andrey Mezhinsky, Deputies of the City Council of Tiraspol Viktor Krondev, Andrey Volkovich and Pavel Solodky and the Heads of Tirotex divisions laid flowers at the monument to the employees of the enterprise who died in 1992. The memory of the twelve workers, who had never returned home, was honored with a minute of silence.

Gorbenko M.V., Grishin N.N., Ergiev A.G., Eremenko S.G., Zuev O.V., Kushnirenko A.E., Novikov A.G., Struck O.L., Ursul I .P., Factory V.N., Fedorov G.V., Shapovalov I.V. - these names are forever inscribed in the chronicles of the history of the formation of our republic.


information and photo of the press service of "Tirotex"