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Measures aimed at stabilizing the economy, amending state target programs, laws “On the Public Chamber”, “On Employment” and the Land Code — these and other issues were discussed during the Government meeting. The discussion was attended by Oleg Vasilatiy, the Head of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance.

Members of the Government voted to amend the law "On additional measures aimed at stabilizing the economy". As the Deputy Minister of Economic Development explained, the initiative proposes to exempt specialized organizations involved in cleaning the Dniester riverbed and strengthening the coastline from paying income tax for the period from 2019 to 2021 (with the exception of the share that goes to finance social benefits and the Road Fund). These types of work in the republic are carried out by two economic entities - Bendery River Port andRybnitsa River Port. During 2016-2018, these enterprises worked at a loss, which does not allow for the necessary modernization.

The meeting also proposed amendments to the law "On Homeowners' Associations." The essence of innovations is to exclude the need to compile and submit duplicate reports to the tax authorities.

The Head of the State Service for Ecological Control and Environmental Protection Vasily Sotnikov introduced changes to the Code of Administrative Offenses. We are talking about an increase in the fine for the incineration of household garbage in settlements. In particular, it was proposed to increase the size of the fine for citizens from 10–30 to 20–50 MW, and for officials - from 30–50 to 50–100 MW.

At the same time, it was noted that such methods will not completely correct the situation. In connection with this department, other measures are being taken to prevent air pollution.

Another package of legislations examined at the meeting introduces additional administrative liability for violation of parking rules.

The Ministry of Social Protection proposes to create and implement an electronic system for employers and job seekers. Corresponding amendments are proposed to be introduced into the law "On Employment". According to the Minister of Social Protection and Labor, it is about the emergence of the state information system “Bank of vacancies and resumes of applicants in the PMR”.

This year, due to the republican budget, it is planned to purchase 68 apartments for orphans and children left without parental care. At the same time, some of the young people who exercise the right to living space express a desire to live in a private house, rather than in a high-rise building. To this end, the Ministry of Social Protection proposes to adjust the conceptual framework in the target program to provide housing for these categories of citizens.

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development, the Head of the Department of Construction, Architecture and Roads presented the draft state target program "Building and equipping children’s playgrounds and sports grounds in cities and regions of the PMR".

The program is designed for two years. The source of funding is the Investment Fund. It is planned to upgrade or build from scratch 136 new children's playgrounds and sports grounds throughout the republic. It is planned to allocate 10 million rubles for these purposes.

Members of the Government supported the proposed initiatives. Legislations will be submitted to the Supreme Council.