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What is the basis of people's trust?


The forum "Territory of Meanings" is held in the Vladimir region for the fourth time. More than a thousand young activists from all regions of Russia, along with a team of moderators, studied ways to build trust between society and the state. This is reported by "The Parliamentary Gazette".

The forum participants had an opportunity to discuss this issue with the leaders of the parliamentary parties. In each section, young people were interested in quite adult topics, including changes in the parameters of the pension reform. The head of the United Russia faction Sergei Neverov noted that legislators understand the public's reaction to future changes, but it is no longer possible to postpone their implementation. The legislator also urged young followers to always be responsible and not to succumb to populism.

During a joint discussion with representatives of all Duma factions, it was a question of the relationship between popular confidence and strong power. Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Yuri Afonin noted that the authorities of the Soviet Union and of post-Soviet Russia lost their positions precisely at the moments of loss of popular confidence. This was followed by historical events - the transformation of the state system and crisis phenomena. According to him, the modern destructive processes in other countries, in Ukraine, for example, in the root cause, it is precisely the loss of public confidence. So, Yuri Afonin is sure, the authorities are dangerous not to take into account the opinion of citizens on important social and political issues.

The leader of the LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, called on young politicians, political scientists, sociologists and activists to learn to give a final assessment of the authorities, analyzing the consequences of activities.

The head of "The United Russia" faction, Sergey Neverov, considers a successful tool to increase people's confidence in the state the implementation of the primaries procedure at elections of all levels. He recalled that his party proposes in the framework law to determine the procedure for preliminary voting so that all parties that do not currently have a resource for this can hold them free of charge.

The head of "The Fair Russia" faction in the State Duma Sergei Mironov drew attention to the fact that regardless of views, the main thing is that everyone in the audience understand what he is ready to do for his homeland, so that children and grandchildren are proud of it.

Sergei Neverov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Yuri Afonin and Sergei Mironov responded directly and emotionally, cited examples from history, pointed out the flaws of their colleagues and praised successful undertakings. As a result, we came to the conclusion that effective solutions that would serve the state's welfare can be taken only in an atmosphere of mutual respect, openness and the search for compromises.