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The Interparliamentary Assembly: Model Law adopted


Participants of the meeting of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the member states of the Community "For Democracy and Peoples' Rights" adopted a model law on memorializing those who was killed in the defense of the Fatherland. According to the deputy of the South Ossetian parliament Amiran Dyakonov, this law is very important for all states.

The Interparliamentary Assembly General Secretary Grigory Marakutsa noted that each state is working to memorialize those killed, but not everyone has a law.

According to the head of the parliament of Pridnestrovie Alexander Shcherba, the attention of Pridnestrovian authorities is focused not only on the recent tragic events, and defenders of the Fatherland is a broader image and concept.

Vice Speaker of the Abkhazian Parliament Levon Galustyan supported the adoption of the law, noting that the document is ready to be adopted in the republic.

He added that work is underway in the republic to exhume bodies of the dead, and decades after the war, the relatives of the deceased have the opportunity to bring the remains of heroes to the ground. According to him, more than 30 children have already been identified and buried in the Walk of Fame.