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Young experts met with the Parliament Speaker


Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Alexander Korshunov met today with the activists of the Expert Youth Council. Students and university graduates of Pridnestrovian State University – political scientists, lawyers, managers, economists and sociologists initiated a meeting with the Speaker of the Pridnestrovian parliament.

Young experts were interested in the process of forming and filling the state budget and the Capital Investment Fund, all stages of work on draft laws, the work of the Youth Parliament and cooperation with young parliamentarians. Alexander Korshunov emphasized: youth organizations and all active Pridnestrovian youth can and should convey their ideas, proposals and initiatives to the state administration bodies through the Youth Parliament. The speaker noted that the state is doing everything possible to ensure that young people stay in Pridnestrovie and apply their skills and abilities in their native land.

The young experts were interested in the possibility of a pre-diploma internship in state authorities and the results of the ending Year of Youth. Alexander Korshunov noted that the pandemic made certain changes to plans, there were no big events, forums and rallies, but the state continues to take care of young people: squares, sports grounds are being built, places for recreation are being adopted, laws are being adopted that help to ensure social protection of young Pridnestrovians.

The Expert Youth Council members were satisfied with the meeting, although there was limited time to ask all the questions. The guys note that they would like to hold more than one meeting with the leadership of the PMR Supreme Council.