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The Youth – to the Deputies!


The questionnaire of a candidate for the Youth Parliament of Pridnestrovie consists of 17 questions. For example, how much time a candidate is ready to devote to work in the Youth Parliament, or should we name three problems in the youth environment. The answers will help delegates to talk about themselves and their hobbies. Originality and creativity are encouraged. You need to collect signatures in support of your candidacy in addition to filling out the questionnaire. This condition applies to all candidates. It is important that there must be at least 100 signatures.

Deputy of the Committee for Education, Public Associations and Mass Media Oleg Vasilaty told in more detail about how the qualifying round will be held and where to send the collected documents. He heads the competition commission of the Supreme Council, which will consider the applications of delegates. The commission consists of deputies and employees of the parliamentary apparatus.

Oleg Vasilaty added that the commission of the Supreme Council does not elect young deputies, but checks the package of collected documents. The powers of young parliamentarians are recognized if everything is correct.

The parliamentarian is confident that the new convocation will show itself at a decent level. The names of the deputies who entered the IV convocation of the Youth Parliament of Pridnestrovie will become known in mid-May.