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The youth is against pressure on Pridnestrovie


Members of the Youth Parliament supported the Statement of the Supreme Council on the foreign policy situation around Pridnestrovie. Earlier: May 17, the Pridnestrovian parliament issued an official statement. The reason for its adoption was the decision of Moldova and Ukraine to establish joint customs posts in Kuchurgan. The deputy corps protested against attempts to increase pressure on Pridnestrovie by sending an appeal to the guarantor countries and mediators of the negotiation process, to the parliaments of Russia and Ukraine, to the OSCE. Today, members of the Youth Parliament expressed serious concern about the destructive actions of our neighbors in relation to Pridnestrovie.

Another issue that young parliamentarians discussed today is the draft Youth Policy Concept. Members of the youth parliament in the near future will hold a number of visiting sessions in cities and districts.

Deputy of the Youth Parliament from Bendery, Anna Glavatskaya, urged her colleagues, as well as all not indifferent young people, to take part in the events on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Bender tragedy. June 19, members of the Youth Parliament will march from the Liberation Square to the memorial, to the granite plates with the names of the heroes who died in 1992, they will lay flowers.