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Raising the Flag of Russia


A patriotic campaign in the framework of the general civil forum "To the Future together with Russia" was held in the main square of the capital, initiated by representatives of the public. Hundreds of Pridnestrovians gathered under the flags of Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation: representatives of public organizations, labor collectives, youth, Russian citizens and compatriots. Participants in the rally expressed support for Russia and called on the Pridnestrovian Russians to actively participate in the presidential elections in Russia, which will be held on March 18. Representatives of the Russian delegation together with the Pridnestrovians, who came to participate in the civil forum, President Vadim Krasnoselsky, parliament speaker Alexander Shcherba, parliamentarians took part in the action.

The Pridnestrovians once again demonstrated unity and solidarity, an unchanging position with respect to the guarantor country, the peacemaking country – the great Russia. The chairman of the Russian communities of Pridnestrovie, Viorika Kokhtaryova, emphasized: Pridnestrovians on March 18 will make their choice along with the Russians.

On behalf of the Russian delegation, who specially arrived in Pridnestrovie, the participants of the action were greeted by the representative of the Council of Veterans of the Moscow Military District, deputy chairman of the "Officers Brotherhood" fund, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Manchenko.

Lieutenant-General Vladimir Manchenko emphasized that Russia will continue to support Pridnestrovians, to help compatriots living in the republic. He called on the Pridnestrovian Russians to come to polling stations on March 18 and together with Russia make a choice for the future.

Yury Cheban, representative of the All-Pridnestrovian People's Forum, appealed to the citizens of the Russian Federation living in the republic, public associations and political parties to participate in the voting. A member of the youth parliament, participant of the festival in Sochi Sergey Romanov spoke on behalf of the Pridnestrovian youth.

The youth of Pridnestrovie assembled with colored sheets the flag of the Russian Federation under the songs of Pridnestrovian and Russian singers.