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Mikhail Burla, "History shapes personality"


May 8, 1958 the order of the Ministry of Culture of the Moldavian SSR in Tiraspol formed museum of the history of the Left Bank. This date is the beginning of the Tiraspol United Museum, which is the custodian of history. The museum workers are creative people, and official congratulatory speeches were preceded by musical gifts, as well as by the acquaintance of all guests who came to the birthday party with the exhibition. Its exhibits were objects of Soviet life, typewriters, cameras, record players, the military uniform of Soviet and German soldiers, weapons of the second world, publications that were published with the direct participation of museum workers. Today it unites an art gallery, a nature department, a museum of the Middle Fortress and a museum of the famous Soviet chemist, a native of Tiraspol, Nikolai Zelinsky. An important role in the establishment and development of the museum was played by the honorary citizen of the Pridnestrovian capital Alexander Foynitsky.

Both the officials and numerous colleagues, partners and friends came to congratulate the collective of the Tiraspol united museum and its head Alla Melnychuk. State counselor of the PMR President Anna Volkova read out the address of the head of state. It is generally known that Vadim Krasnoselsky's trembling attitude toward history, and therefore the motto of his congratulations to the jubilee was the words "There is no present without the past". Anna Volkova, one of the founders of the Pridnestrovian statehood, remembered how she worked in the museum in the distant 70s, as experienced Nikolai Gibeskul and Tamara Dorokh induced her to choose the professional path of the historian. She is grateful to them to this day.

Chairman of the parliamentary committee on education, science and culture Mikhail Burla on behalf of the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba, the entire deputy corps also congratulated the staff of the Tiraspol United Museum on the 60th anniversary of the foundation.

The head of the responsible parliamentary committee on education of science and culture, Mikhail Burla thanked the museum workers for selfless work, "the basis of which is the collection of objects that are a time of a sign".

Mikhail Burla remembered his personal experience. During his studies at the Leningrad University he was able to listen to lectures by such famous historians as Lev Gumilev, Dmitry Likhachev, Mikhail Piotrovsky. The parliamentarian also noted the positive experience of cooperation of cultural workers, including museum staff, in drafting laws that regulate this important sphere of social policy of the state.

Representatives of the Moscow Council of People's Deputies, the state administration of the city of Tiraspol and the city of Dnestrovsk, the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage, the public service for managing documents and archives, creative unions and the media have congratulated the employees of the museum-hero on the 60th anniversary. Special, warmest words of gratitude sounded this day to the veterans of the Tiraspol United Museum, which exchanged the seventh decade of its history.