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The Day of Remembrance of the Courage of Soldiers


Tiraspol celebrates one of the city's most revered holiday - the Day of Liberation from German-Romanian invaders. Solemn events began with a meeting-requiem, which was held at the Capital Memorial of Glory. Participation in the event was attended by Galina Antufeeva, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council, Igor Smirnov, the first President of Pridnestrovie, parliamentarians, members of the government. Hundreds of citizens - veterans of the Great Patriotic War, rear workers, public workers, students and schoolchildren, members of labor collectives of enterprises, employees of the budgetary sphere came to honor the memory of the liberators of the city on the Dniester, all the people who died in the battles for Tiraspol. The vice-speaker Galina Antyufeeva before the meeting talked with the veterans, congratulated them on the day of liberation of the city.

It was noted during the meeting-requiem that the German-Romanian occupation lasted 970 tragic days and nights and claimed the lives of more than 4,000 residents of Tiraspol. Although the liberators of Tiraspol have unfortunately not survived yet, the feat of the Soviet soldiers can not be forgotten by anyone.

Tiraspol was liberated on April 12, 1944 at three o'clock. Early in the morning, the townspeople came to the streets of the city to meet the liberators. This day was forever one of the brightest holidays for the Tiraspol, a day of remembrance of the courage of Soviet soldiers.

At the end of the meeting, those who gathered honored the memory of the fallen heroes with a minute of silence, laid flowers to the eternal fire and the graves of the dead soldiers. Then the traditional city athletics relay race started in the center of Tiraspol.