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Focus on insurance medicine


“Compulsory health insurance: prospects for the introduction in Pridnestrovie”. So the organizers of the first Pridnestrovian medical forum called one of the panel discussions. Among its participants - Sergey Cheban, the Head of the Supreme Council Committee on Social Policy, Health, Labor, Family and Childhood.

A kind of "bridge" to his speech was the words of the previous speaker, who called - "do not be afraid in the life of change". Insurance medicine is a change from the category of cardinal.

After transferring the experience of legislative work, where everything is decided by voting, from the plenary session room of the Supreme Council to the room where the medical forum was held, the parliamentarian urged its participants to raise their hands to vote for the introduction of health insurance in Pridnestrovie. There were most of them. This is no wonder when you consider that all the countries of the former socialist camp and 12 states from 15 former Soviet republics switched to it.

The representative of the legislature built his report on the positive and negative aspects of insurance medicine. Among the first, he attributed equal access to a package of medical services, the distribution of medical care throughout the entire state (a patient from Kamenka can be treated in Rybnitsa and vice versa), the introduction of clear standards of medical care, competition between public and private medical institutions for patients, transparency of funding flows, attracting additional financial resources and other factors.

It is noteworthy that in Pridnestrovie at the legislative level they tried four times to introduce a system of compulsory health insurance - in 2001, 2004, 2006 and 2012. And all four times these attempts were in vain. The only thing that was achieved was a legislative increase of 1% in social tax. The volume of its collection increased from 34 to 51 million rubles. This budget money is spent exclusively on the functioning of the healthcare sector.

In addition to the above, the Head of the relevant parliamentary committee informed the participants of the first Pridnestrovian forum about the parameters of the budgetary financing of the republic’s healthcare system expected next year. If this year this figure amounted to 651 million rubles, then, according to the draft law "On the republican budget 2020", an additional 91 million rubles will be added to this amount.