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Lift charge criteria


It has become a tradition to invite leaders and representatives of various ministries and departments to participate in the work of “The Obnovlenie” (Renewal) parliamentary faction. This time it was the PMR Prosecutor Anatoly Guretsky. He presented the deputies with information on high-profile criminal cases against persons who held high statehood posts during the presidency of Yevgeny Shevchuk. This work for two and a half years is carried out by investigators of the Investigation Committee, general supervision is carried out by prosecutors, the courts pass sentences. The former head of the central bank Eduard Kosovsky, Interior Minister Gennady Kuzmichyov, Chairman of the State Customs Committee Yuri Gervazyuk, Head of the Customs Committee Directorate Sergey Mantalutza, one of the heads of the Investigation Committee Vladlen Kulakov, and others are already in prison. The former head of the state received punishment term of 16 years (he is wanted). They are also looking for criminal charges against former Prime Minister Tatiana Turanskaya, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Maya Parnas, ministers Elena Girzhul and Oksana Bulanova, as well as the head of the Investigation Committee Olga Dubrovina, hiding from the investigation. In the course of the proceedings, criminal cases are also filed against the former leaders of Eximbank, a number of merchants close to the former Government, including Talgat Baytasiev, who was “distinguished” in Pridnestrovie by withdrawal of currency out of the republic to offshore jurisdictions.

Deputies discussed a number of controversial issues on the agenda of the plenary session. In particular, the debate over the legislative initiative of the government, which contains a proposal to fix in the Housing Code a mechanism currently in effect for charging, based on the number of registered and not as it is now, depending on the occupied area, was given lengthy debate. Each point of view had supporters and opponents, they expressed various arguments, but the majority nevertheless inclined to the payment option in terms of the number of registered.

Another law-in-draft, considered by members of “The Obnovlenie” concerned the housing and utilities sector, or rather, the collection of negligent consumers of the debt on public services rendered to them. The government proposes to increase the statute of limitations to those who do not pay for utility services. Today it is three years, the proposed amendments to the Housing Code suggest to bring it to 5 years. This legislative initiative was caused by the critical non-payment situation. Today in the republic there are about 20 thousand defaulters who in total owe about 150-160 million rubles. Many of them do not pay their bills for years, and the procedure for collecting their debt is very complicated.

At the same time, the deputies, discussing the draft law, noted that an increase in the limitation period by only two years would not radically change the situation. According to members of the faction, the period must either be significantly increased (for example, up to 10 years), or the period of collection of careless payments from negligent users of housing and communal services is indefinite.