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Constructive dialogue with voters in the village of Gidirim


Deputy of the Supreme Council for constituency number 19 Vitaly Kalin met with residents of the village of Gidirim, Rybnitsa district today. The Deputy spoke about the progress in the implementation of the orders of voters in 2019 and the first half of 2020.

Mayakovsky street was repaired at the expense of the road industry development program in 2019. They spent 215 thousand rubles on this. The road will be repaired in autumn - an additional 247 thousand rubles will be allocated. Five more streets of Gidirim were partially repaired in February 2020. Almost 46 thousand rubles were allocated for this. More than 17 thousand were spent on street lighting.

The Monument to the killed villagers during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was also overhauled in Gidirim. The work was carried out under the program for preservation of immovable objects of the republic's cultural heritage that require urgent repair. 480 thousand rubles were spent from the republican budget for the reconstruction of the monument. Almost 100 thousand more rubles are needed to complete the work. They will be sent from the local program to the maintenance of the housing stock, social and cultural facilities and the improvement of the city and district.

Residents of the village of Gidirim asked questions of interest. The deputy meets regularly with voters.