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An integrated approach to the development of land reclamation


The Supreme Council in 2019 approved the state program for development of the agro-industrial complex of Pridnestrovie for 8 years. Priority areas have been identified: these are dairy and beef cattle breeding, fruit growing, development of reclamation complex and agricultural tourism. The main goal is to provide Pridnestrovians with food, import less into the PMR and grow more in the republic. There are conditions for this: fertile soil and warm climate. There has been less precipitation in recent years. Therefore, the emphasis in the development of the agro-industrial complex must be made on the land reclamation system, according to the Supreme Council.

The reclamation system needs personnel. Workers of the reclamation system are qualified employees. Now these are mainly retirees. The demand for professional ameliorators is also growing in neighboring states. If the pumping stations are equipped with new modernized equipment and wages in this industry are raised, then work in the land reclamation system can become more prestigious, the Supreme Council deputies are sure.

As for improving the technical condition of the reclamation complex, the state program for development of agro-industrial complex noted: to maintain pumping stations and supply pipelines in a technically working condition, to subsidize land users using their own and leased pumping stations, it is planned to allocate 2 million rubles annually from the republican budget. The complete reconstruction of the head pumping stations requires an annual investment of 20 million rubles. First of all, it is necessary to restore the two most promising and demanded pumping stations - in the villages of Chobruchi, Slobodzeya region and Tashlyk, Grigoriopol region. The next stage is the pumping stations of the Bychok and Speya villages of the Grigoriopol region and the Sukleya village of the Slobodzeya region.