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Teamwork to improve village life


The House of Culture of the Voronkovo ​​village of Rybnitsa district, as well as other social facilities of the district number 18 "Popenksky", does not go unnoticed by the deputy of the Supreme Council Valentin Matveychuk. The parliamentarian recently donated a computer and a multifunctional device with a printer, scanner and copier to the institution. New Year's holidays with concert programs are ahead. Scripts, songs for creative teams and poems for children can already be printed on the new technique.

Modern musical equipment has also become an assistant in the celebration of the holidays. Deputy Valentin Matveychuk acquired it for the rural House of Culture in 2019.

The institution is already 60, its condition needs to be maintained, says the director of the House of Culture. Plastic doors have recently been installed in the assembly hall, and 11 wooden windows will soon be replaced so that heat does not escape from the premises. The help was provided by a deputy of the local council. Work will begin early next year.

As for heat supply, this issue was acute for the rural House of Culture until 2017. Creative teams have been practicing in cold rooms for more than 20 years. Four years ago, they supplied gas, equipped a boiler room, installed utility heating networks and supplied water. The money of the grant received by the village, funds of the local and regional budgets were used to solve the long-term problem.

As part of the Capital Investment Fund program in 2018, a new well was drilled in the village of Voronkovo, pumping equipment was installed and a water tower appeared. The water that flows from the tap gradually appeared in the micro-districts of the village during several years. Funds were invested under the investment program of the water utility, grant money was used for these purposes.

Positive aspects are also noted in the health sector in the village. Under the program of the Capital Investment Fund, the building of the rural medical outpatient clinic was repaired. The first floor was completed in 2020, the second floor is being completed.

Medicine in the villages should be at a high level, says deputy of the Supreme Council for constituency number 18 Valentin Matveychuk.

The organization of water and gas supply will continue in the village of Voronkovo, said the deputy of the Supreme Council. The quality of life in the village should not lag behind the urban one, Valentin Matveychuk considers. Lighting, roads, improvement of rural infrastructure are included to the agenda is the solution of other problems. There are requests to renovate the buildings of the administrations of the villages of the Rybnitsa district.