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Ilona Tyuryaeva, "We will always remember the heroism of a soldier"


75 years ago, the spring of liberation came to the cities and villages of Pridnestrovie and the long years of terrible enemy occupation were left behind. These days festive events, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of our land from the German-Romanian fascist invaders are held. A series of celebrations, which will end on April 12 on the day of the liberation of Tiraspol, began a concert that took place today in the city club "Veteran". Among the spectators are veterans of war, labor and the Armed Forces, prisoners of fascism, blockade workers, home front workers, a deputy of the Supreme Council in the 36th constituency Central, in whose territory is located the club Veteran, Ilona Tyuryaeva, her colleague in the capital deputy corps Elena Soboleva, cadets of the Military Institute named after General Lebed.

The very first notes of the first song about Tiraspol created in the hall at the same time a solemn and at the same time warm, sincere atmosphere. It was felt that the club "Veteran" for the veterans of the city is truly a second home.

More than once during the concert it was said that women played a special role in the Great Patriotic War. They, like men, carried all the burdens and deprivations of front-line life on their shoulders. It is not by chance, probably, that the main performers of the concert program were women - participants of the vocal ensembles. When the song about the memory of the people sounded, the spectators, without saying a word, got up from their seats ...

Ilona Tyuryaeva urged everyone to preserve the memory of the soldiers' deed, pass it on to future generations, protect the Motherland if necessary, as Pridnestrovians did in 1992. Parliamentarian Ilona Tyuryaeva promised the veterans that the current generation of Tiraspol residents and Pridnestrovians would do everything possible so that there were always smiles on the faces of living witnesses of those tragic events.

Speaking during the concert deputy head of State Administration for Social Affairs Maria Pashchenko said that on the eve of the jubilee, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Tiraspol from the Nazi invaders, special commemorative medal was issued. On April 11, 88 tiraspol citizens will be awarded. On behalf of the leadership of Tiraspol, she donated 5 thousand rubles to the city council of war, labor and Armed Forces veterans.

Vice-mayor of the capital had an honorable mission on behalf of the President to present state awards to honored veterans of Tiraspol - orders, medals, diplomas and letters of thanks from the President.

Above the auditorium of the club "Veteran" sounded the melody of front and peaceful songs ...