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What laws will come into force at the beginning of the new year


A number of laws, which will come into force on January 1, 2021, were adopted by the Supreme Council and signed by the PMR President. First of all, this is the law on the republican budget, state targeted programs in the health sector, laws aimed at supporting pensioners and disabled people.

Budget 2021

The republican budget of the next year is balanced according to socially protected items. Payment of wages to public sector employees and pensions to Pridnestrovians will be implemented in full and on time. This also applies to the implementation of all government programs, including provision of benefits.

The budget2021 includes:

- reserve fund for measures to combat COVID;

- funds for increasing wages and pensions (160 million rubles);

- implementation of state programs related to medicine: "Immunization", "Oncology", "Prevention of HIV / AIDS infections", "Prevention of tuberculosis", "Fight against hepatitis";

- implementation of the program to provide housing for orphans and children left without parental care (8.2 million rubles);

- funds to support youth. This is subsidizing by the state of part of the costs for the purchase of own housing;

- payments of compensations for Soviet deposits. One thousand rubles will be paid to people born before 1950 inclusively (17 million rubles totally);

- provision of dental prosthetics and magnetic resonance tomography services, treatment of those in need abroad, maintenance of orphanages and boarding schools (for these purposes - 26 million rubles);

- fulfillment of the state order for consulting children by narrow specialists and diagnostics in private clinics (2.5 million rubles);

- the capital investment fund provides for the repair and construction of infrastructure, social sphere, education, medicine (224 million rubles);

- agricultural Development Fund and Land Reclamation Development Fund;

- fund for stimulation of territories, one of the directions of which is the provision of notebooks for students in grades 1-4;

- Entrepreneurship Support Fund. Funds will be allocated for business school, the provision of grants to start-up entrepreneurs, for the support and development of tourism in the PMR;

- Road fund (over 140 million rubles).

State targeted programs

The next immunization program for the PMR population will come into force on January 1. It will be valid for 5 years. During this time, up to 98% of children are planned to be vaccinated. Among the tasks - to reduce the incidence of viral hepatitis B, whooping cough, mumps; improve laboratory diagnostics of infectious diseases; introduce new vaccines against rotavirus and pneumococcal infections, against cervical cancer caused by the human papillomavirus.

Tuberculosis prevention activities will also continue next year. It is planned to spend about 98 million rubles for these purposes within five years. The main goals are to stabilize the epidemiological situation of tuberculosis in the republic; timely identify patients with tuberculosis; improve the material and technical base of the laboratory and medical institutions; to raise awareness of the population on the prevention of tuberculosis infection.

Since the new year, the state program "Oncology: Improving Oncological Care for the Population of the PMR", calculated for 2021-2025, comes into force. Over the next five years, funding will go for the purchase of medicines, for research to detect oncological diseases at early stages, for training and advanced training of doctors and medical workers treating cancer patients.

Starting next year, the state program for restoration of high-trunked oak forests on the lands of the State Forest Fund of the Republic will begin to operate. It is designed for 20 years. The amount of financing is over 22 million rubles. The aim of the adopted program is to improve the quality of the Pridnestrovian forests.

A program for the re-equipment of official vehicles will be in effect from the new year to strengthen the material and technical base of the fire brigade. The program is valid from 2021–2029. It is planned to increase the efficiency of organizing fire extinguishing and conducting emergency rescue operations during this time.

In the interests of citizens

Volunteers and medical students will travel free of charge on public transport from the new year. This applies to those involved in the fight against coronavirus infection. Such privileges will be provided for travel in city, suburban and intercity minibuses and trolleybuses.

The state will continue to provide support to entrepreneurs and organizations whose activities have been suspended due to quarantine. By law, they can count on recalculation of paid (accrued) tax payments. This is a unified social tax, a compulsory insurance premium, personal income tax, and a tax on potential annual income. You must submit an application to the territorial tax authorities to do this.

The concept of "large family" is expanding since the new year. This will also include a family bringing up disabled people from childhood I, II, III groups, who are studying at the correspondence department. At the same time, the benefits due to large families will be extended until the end of the education of such students, but no more than until they reach 23 years of age. Corresponding changes were made to the law "On state support of large families".

Organizations providing microloans, including consumer loans, on the territory of the republic, from January 1, must bring their activities in accordance with the requirements of the Law "On Microfinance Activities and Microfinance Organizations". This must be done by February 1, 2021. Such organizations need to obtain the status of microfinance organizations by sending documents to the central bank, or cease their activities.

Employees of small and micro-enterprises will receive sick leave payments immediately from the Unified State Social Insurance Fund. Simplified mechanism is launched from the new year. Payments will be transferred to the employee's bank card within 30 days from the date of receipt of the documents.

Medicines and other pharmaceutical goods can be sold remotely from January 1. Now many are on self-isolation, the elderly cannot leave their homes and buy the necessary medicines. Therefore, the possibility of selling medicines online was prescribed at the legislative level.

Additional payments will be established for those pensioners who have received a small pension due to low wages during the working period, but at the same time they have a long work experience. An additional amount will be credited to an old-age pension, a disability pension, and a seniority pension for each year of total length of service that exceeds the required pension. Additional payments will be made taking into account the funds of the Social Insurance Fund.

Support for the disabled

From January 1, 2021, disabled persons of group III will receive hearing aids free of charge. Changes have been made to the law “On social protection of disabled people”. According to the law, free devices need to be issued once every four years.

In addition, people with disabilities from childhood will receive a social pension supplement in the amount of 75 to 125% of the minimum pension.

In the new year, the state will pay compensation to disabled veterans for repairing a car over 7 years old, which was purchased at their own expense and they need for medical reasons. Amendments to the law "On social protection of war veterans" concern 10 combatants who became disabled after the war. Previously, they were not subject to legal regulations. The amount of payments is determined based on the document of the service station. The maximum amount of compensation is more than 9 thousand rubles (505 MW).

Agricultural adjustments

Starting from the new year, a law will come into force, giving the PMR President the right to prohibit the export of wheat, barley and corn to protect the internal market. The ban on the export of cereals of agricultural crops from Pridnestrovie was introduced on June 16, 2020, then, due to low yields, the ban was extended until December 31. Based on the results of this year's harvesting campaign, a special commission determined that the restriction on the export of these types of grain should be extended until the new harvest in 2021.

Starting from the new year, agricultural producers will additionally pay 4 minimum wages per hectare. The funds will be used to develop the reclamation complex. Targeted tax will be collected from all agricultural land.

Payment by credit card and amendments to the Housing Code

From January 1, 2021, shops and trade enterprises are required to ensure the possibility of payment for goods by bank transfer - using a card of one of the republic's commercial banks. The buyer has the right to choose whether to pay in cash or by card. If a store or trade enterprise does not provide the ability to pay with bank cards, they will be fined from July 1, 2021. The exception is shops and trade enterprises where it is impossible to conduct the Internet. A fine from 100 to 200 MW is provided for refusal to provide the buyer with the opportunity to pay by bank transfer. A fine from 200 to 400 MW is for the seller's absence of an electronic terminal.

Owners of shops located on the ground floors or in the basements of apartment buildings will take part in the maintenance of the entire house from the new year. Along with the apartment owners, they will pay for the maintenance and repair of the housing stock, the sanitary maintenance of the building and the adjacent territory. Changes have been made to the Housing Code.