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The military-patriotic rally


A nationwide gathering "The Heirs of the Victory" were held in the camp "Dniester Dawns" three days. The event united youth from all over Pridnestrovie from 15 to 20 years: they are students of higher educational institutions, technical schools, colleges, schoolchildren - participants of the UPP, cadets, pupils of the Suvorov military college, representatives of the Cossacks. The permanent mentor of the club "The Heirs of the Victory" is the deputy of the Supreme Council, chairman of the Pridnestrovian Association of War Veterans in Afghanistan Igor Buga.

According to the website of the President, the participants of the meeting competed, measuring strength and agility, the level of physical and special training, demonstrating skills of reconnaissance and other military-oriented activities. Particular attention was paid to checking and replenishment of luggage knowledge about the history of Pridnestrovie and the Great Patriotic War.

The official closing of the military-patriotic meeting was attended by the President Vadim Krasnoselsky. The President spoke with the youth. The discussion took place in a free format. Participants in the meeting addressed the President a dozen topical questions. They asked Vadim Krasnoselsky about his vision of the purpose and significance of this event, whether the meeting would be annual. According to the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the PMR, the fundamental aspect for the organizers of the meeting was still a patriotic, not a military one. There is no doubt that the gathering of young people under the flags of the movement "The Heirs of the Victory" will become traditional.

Concluding the meeting, the President expressed his gratitude to the organizers and participants for their indifference, the activity deserving of respect for the civil position and the desire to preserve the history of the Pridnestrovian people, the glorious traditions of the Russian army and the statehood of today's Pridnestrovie.

Winners of the competitions were awarded with well-deserved awards. Cadets became leaders in the younger age group, among the representatives of the vocational education system the representatives of the Rybnitsa Polytechnic College showed their best, among the universities students of the Military Institute of the PMR Defense Ministry were with the best result. Winners in individual competitions won medals.