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Personnel Changes


The agenda of the plenary session included questions on the dismissal of the Chairman of the Supreme Court Vladimir Rymar and on the appointment of Adrian Penkovsky. His candidacy was submitted to the Supreme Council by the President. Vladimir Rymar headed the Supreme Court for 12 years. He was approved for this position twice: in 2007 and 2013. November 28 of this year will expire his duties. Addressing the deputies, Vladimir Rymar noted that during his presidency of the Supreme Court the outflow of personnel was stopped, the time for consideration of cases was reduced. Still relevant is the issue of updating the material and technical base, repair of buildings of city courts.

Adrian Penkovsky served in the prosecutor’s office in various positions, also worked in the Moscow Law Center Collegium of Lawyers, and practiced law. In 2017, he was appointed judge of the Supreme Court. In his opinion, it is necessary to strengthen the personal responsibility of judges, each court decision should be taken carefully, it is also important to ensure access to information about the activities of the Supreme Court.

During the plenary session, his candidacy was unanimously supported by the deputy corps. The Head of the parliamentary committee on legislation, vice speaker Galina Antyufeyeva expressed hope for fruitful joint work of the legislative body and the Supreme Court.