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Russian State Duma Deputy Umakhan Umakhanov visited Pridnestrovie. This is the second visit of a Russian parliamentarian this year. Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council Mikhail Burla and Deputy of the Committee on Economic Policy Alexander Korshunov met with the guest from Russia.

Umakhan Umakhanov is the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots. He has headed the commission on the problems of compatriots outside the Russian Federation for more than a year. The Deputy of the Russian State Duma told about the topics raised during the meeting with the Pridnestrovian colleagues.

There are a number of issues that have traditionally been raised at meetings with colleagues from the Russian parliament for several years. This is primarily a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship. Issues of humanitarian and technical assistance from the Russian Federation. Including for the development of the real sector of the economy in terms of providing technical loans. It is known that according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, all veterans of the Great Patriotic War and persons equated to them living in Pridnestrovie must receive financial assistance.

They talked at the meeting about work and interaction during the pandemic, the need to establish electronic means of communication. An exhibition dedicated to Pridnestrovie was planned at the State Duma site in March of this year, but due to the pandemic, the project has not yet been implemented.

Earlier the exhibition in the State Duma of Russia will be of an informational nature. It is planned to tell there not only about 30 years of cooperation between Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation, but also about the connection between Pridnestrovie and Russia since the time of Catherine II, about the spiritual, cultural potential of our republic, about our traditions. A large section will be devoted to the investment potential of Pridnestrovie, its economic opportunities. It is planned to place about 14 large banners at the exhibition. Each will carry a certain information message, ranging from the symbols of the state and ending with the spiritual and cultural tradition of our region.