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Residents of Borisovka will participate in the elections of Russian deputies


The opening of the autumn session of the Supreme Council and the upcoming elections to the State Duma of Russia became the reason for the meeting with the residents of the Supreme Council Deputy of the constituency No.3 "Borisovsky" Oleg Petrik. The parliamentarian, communicating with activists, chairmen of house committees and housing cooperatives, recalled the opportunity to share ideas for legislative regulation of any issues. It is possible to send proposals through social networks, by letter or by phone to the reception of Deputy of the Supreme Council.

Speaking about the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, which will be held on September 19, Oleg Petrik urged residents to show an active civil position and vote for a worthy candidate who will represent the interests of Pridnestrovians in the Russian Parliament. Nowadays, the issue of the work of the outbound consular service point in Tiraspol is topical. This and other problems were voiced during the arrival of Russian deputies to Pridnestrovie, including new candidates for the VIII convocation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Representatives of the United Russia party Marina Orgeeva and Andrei Gorokhov met with residents of the city of Bendery. They are elected to the Russian Parliament from the Kaliningrad region and Bendery.

The issue of receiving 10 thousand Russian rubles by pensioners was raised at the meeting. Voters are also concerned about the electronic appointment at the consular point. A resident of the Borisovka microdistrict Dina Panteleevna Boyko said that she was waiting in line since June.

5 polling stations will open in Bendery for Pridnestrovians with Russian citizenship on September 19. Residents of Borisovka will be able to vote in the building of the Polytechnic branch of the Pridnestrovian State University in Vosstaniya Street in Bendery.

A document confirming the presence of Russian citizenship is necessary to vote in the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. 450 deputies are elected to the State Duma in total. 225 deputies in single-mandate constituencies (1 district - 1 deputy) and 225 deputies from political parties.

Topics related to the repair of roads, roofs of multi-storey buildings and other issues were also raised in the dialogue with the voters of the Borisovsky district.