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The situation in the Rybnitsa district villages does not get better because of the heavy rains


The yards, kitchen gardens, houses and wells were flooded in several villages of the Rybnitsa district after two heavy rains. Residents of the villages of Yerzhovo, Saracea, Krasnenkoye, and Andreevka clear the yards of silt and garbage, calculate losses from crop losses. Today, deputies of the Supreme Council for the Rybnitsky district Vadim Kravchuk and Vasily Kunitsky visited the village affected by the heavy rains.

The parliamentarian noted that the city authorities are organizing the supply of drinking water to the villages. Utilities, local enterprises, including the machinery of the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant, help villagers clear gardens, yards and roads from garbage and silt.

The emergency commission of the state administration of the Rybnitsa district, which includes deputies, must find out what led to this situation and what to do to prevent this from happening again. Parliamentarian Vadim Kravchuk emphasizes that the villages of Yerzhovo and Saracea are located on a relief terrain: on one side is a mountain, on the other is a floodplain of the river. The lower part of the villages suffers during heavy rains due to the lack of sufficient rainfall, and during the flood of the river due to an unfinished dam.

In the meantime, the village administration collects applications from the affected residents for the assistance that the Rybnitsa city administration and local authorities can provide. Vadim Kravchuk invites voters, if necessary, to turn to him for help in providing assistance.

In the constituency No. 22, the village of Krasnenkoe suffered the most from the heavy rains. Deputy of the Supreme Council in the district No. 22 Vasily Kunitsky today visited the Krasnenkoye for the second time. According to him, stormwater is clogged, streams of water pierced the fences and fell into the yards of residential buildings, flooded the basements and gardens, washed away farm buildings. Pets were injured. The harvest in the gardens is almost destroyed. The entire layer of rubble from the roads was in the gardens.

The parliamentarian said that the situation in the village of Andreevka of the Rybnitsa district is also in difficult situation. There is water in the houses and basements, many people were injured. Storm currents in Andreevka almost destroyed the road of republican significance. This is to the village of Kolbasna. Today, the highway was started to be cleared and poured so that cars with groceries and emergency vehicles could drive to the villages.