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History in the exhibits of the new museum


The Dubossary plant “Bouquet of Moldavia” was visited by the Russian delegation. The guests from Russia are in Pridnestrovie at the invitation of the deputy of the Supreme Council, the head of one of the largest enterprises of the republic KVINT plant Oleg Baev. The main purpose of the visit is to participate in the opening ceremony of the museum of drinks for astronauts on the basis of CJSC Buket Moldavii.

The Russian delegation was led by First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots Konstantin Zatulin. It consists of cosmonauts awarded the titles Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Russian Federation, Alexander Ivanchenkov, Musa Manarov, Anatoly Artsebarsky, Sergey Treschev. The delegation also includes doctors, biologists, and representatives of the Russian business community. Galina Nechitailo, for example, participated in the creation of the “Senetate” balm, today known worldwide as the “Cosmic”. The recipe was developed for post-flight rehabilitation of astronauts. And it was produced at the “Bouquet of Moldavia”.

The parliamentarian emphasized the attitude of Russians towards us. Traditions, history, culture, space flights - this unites us. This is a significant event for us, this museum will provide an opportunity to learn even more about production and space, about those astronauts who lived and served in Pridnestrovie. This is really a huge layer of our common history, a page that should not be forgotten, the people's deputy suppose.

According to the Chairman of the Supreme Council, Alexander Korshunov, the creation of the museum is a major milestone in the history of the Bouquet of Moldavia plant.

Representatives of the Russian delegation and astronauts presented the museum with books, photographs, souvenirs that are somehow related to the history of space exploration.

The deputy of the Supreme Council Ilona Tyuryaeva presented the museum with a selection of Soviet newspapers telling about the main milestones of space exploration, about the direct participants in those events. The history of Soviet space exploration began to be written in 1957, when the first satellite was launched.

After the grand opening of the museum, a large concert program was presented to the guests.