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Their feat in the hearts of generations


There were words of gratitude to the defenders of Pridnestrovie in the hall of the Palace of Culture today. The public organization, uniting in its ranks the participants in the hostilities, disabled, family members of the dead and the dead in the post-war period, marks the 25th anniversary of its formation. Deputies of the Supreme Council Oleg Belyakov and Ilona Tyuryaeva, representatives of the government, ministries and departments of the republic came to congratulate the hero of the day. On the occasion of the jubilee date of the Union of Defenders of Pridnestrovie of the city of Tiraspol, the welcoming address was sent by the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov.

Today the public organization is one of the most widespread in the republic: it consists of more than 6 thousand people. It has its own anthem, flag and emblem. Since 2006, the Union of Defenders of Pridnestrovie in the city of Tiraspol has been headed by a member of the 1992 hostilities Vladimir Buchka.

The organization provides social, legal assistance and financial support to Pridnestrovian defenders. Members of the Union are actively involved in events of republican and city significance. Pridnestrovian defenders conduct annual courage lessons in schools.

Oleg Belyakov participated in hostilities to protect Pridnestrovie. Deputy of the Supreme Council, a member of the parliamentary committee on legislation, law enforcement, defense, security, peacekeeping, protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, today is the co-chairman of the Joint Control Commission, which controls the security zone on the Dniester.

In honor of the jubilee, many defenders of the republic, who made a great contribution to education, formation, armed defense and recognition of independence of the PMR, were awarded orders, letters of thanks from the President and the Chairman of the Supreme Council.