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Igor Buga, "There is always place for feat in life"


The documentary film “No Time for Heroism” was shown to future defenders of the Fatherland. The creative work about the young heroes, filmed by the “Young Guard of United Russia”, could be seen by students of the Tiraspol Law Institute, pupils of the cadet boarding school named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky and Suvorov Military School was visited and watched the film together with the Suvorov students by the Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Shcherba, Defense Minister Oleg Obruchkov, chairmen of parliamentary committees Igor Buga and Oleg Vasilaty.

The speaker of the parliament shared his impressions of watching the film with the pupils of the school, comparing the film with the action of the tuning fork.

The head of parliament asked the children why the Russian language uses such a form of addressing a person as a patronymic. Raised hand and praiseworthy response of the Suvorov military school pupil: "We respect and honor our ancestors". Alexander Shcherba wished the future defenders that in the future they too could glorify their fathers and the Fatherland.

Parliamentarian Oleg Vasilaty shared with Suvorov’s arguments about heroism, strength of human character and love for the motherland.

The film “No Time for Heroism” was shot for the Day of Heroes of the Fatherland and was first shown in December last year at the forum of little heroes in Moscow. The young heroes who saved human lives, in the first person, talk about life, their views on heroism and their exploits. These are seven real stories, the last of which tells about the youngest cavalier of the Order of Courage, seven-year-old Yevgenia Tabakov, who was awarded posthumously. According to the deputy of the Supreme Council and the head of the Republican movement “Heirs of the Victory” Igor Buga, such films today need to be shown to everyone.

After talking with the cadets for the guests had a tour. The parliamentarians examined the classrooms, dormitories, the gym, the shooting range, and also the museum, where the speaker of the parliament left an entry in the book of honored guests. On behalf of the entire deputies corps, Alexander Scherba wished the school prosperity, and his students to become worthy defenders of their homeland.