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Regular issue of the official printed publication of the Supreme Council, “The Councils of the People” newspaper was published. The “highlight” of the November issue was the material “Budget-2019: Equator passed”. It talks about the joint work on the project of the main financial document of the year.

The theme of international interaction of compatriots, including parliamentarians, is presented in two publications at once: the Russian Spirit and Parliamentary Diplomacy. The first tells about the participation of Pridnestrovian legislators in the 6th World Congress of Compatriots living abroad, as well as in the XII Assembly of the Russian World, the second about the international conference "The Role of Interaction between Factions of Political Parties and Blocs in Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the CIS Countries", held at the State Duma site Russia.

Much attention in the November issue of the newspaper is traditionally given directly to the lawmaking process and the laws passed by the elected representatives of the people.

A newspaper page is devoted to covering the activities of two public bodies created under the Chairman of the Supreme Council - the consultative assembly of the first Pridnestrovian deputies and the Youth Parliament. The founders of the republic met with Parliament Speaker Alexander Shcherba, during which they discussed issues of vital importance for Pridnestrovians, the President Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the young parliamentarians. About all the details - in the articles "Social orientation of the budget" and "Dialogue of generations".

One of the most important spectra of legislative activity is the work of people's representatives in the districts, directly with voters. This topic is certainly present on the pages of the parliamentary newspaper. This time from an interview with the deputy Oleg Petrik, readers can learn how the people's representative fulfilled the mandate of voters about opening a Borisovsky square in the microdistrict. Here you can read about the help of the deputy Galina Antyufeeva in delivering new furniture donated by the head of state to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Vladimir Gromov, as well as topics raised during the meeting of voters of the Rybnitsa district with their elect in the Supreme Council Vitaly Kalin.