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The state is looking for an opportunity to socially protect Pridnestrovians in difficult situations even in difficult economic conditions. The legislations adopted today in the first reading, which have a pronounced social character, are another confirmation of this. The essence of the amendments to the law "On Burial and Funeral Case" voted by parliamentarians is to increase by 20%, and this is 390 rubles, allowances for burial. This is a real help to people in difficult life situations.

The size is determined in the calculated levels of the minimum wage. It remained unchanged for several years, respectively, and these social payments did not grow in size. Citizens and public organizations began to turn to various authorities in this regard. Their appeals became the reason for introducing amendments to the law “On burial and funeral business”.

Today, the state pays 1960.7 rubles (202.1 MW) for the burial of certain categories of citizens. Among them are pensioners, working citizens and minor children. Last year, the Unified State Social Insurance Fund incurred expenses for the payment of 5,308 retirement benefits for pensioners, which amounted to over 15 million rubles, as well as for the payment of 209 burial benefits for deceased insured working citizens or their minor children in the amount of 409 718 rubles.

An increase in the burial allowance will require additional expenses of the republican and local budgets, as well as the budget of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund - totally over 400 thousand rubles.

The deadline for the entry into force of new legal norms is January 1, 2020.

The deputy corps unanimously voted for the adoption of amendments to the law "On the provision of benefits for temporary disability, maternity, citizens subject to state social insurance". They are designed to increase the period during which citizens in case of caring for a sick child under the age of 18 years with malignant neoplasms are paid temporary disability benefits.

The fact is that the current legislation does not take into account cases of serious illnesses of children with malignant neoplasms that require long-term treatment of the child on an outpatient basis and the joint stay of the parent and child in a medical organization while providing hospital care to the patient. Now the situation will be corrected, and sick leave benefits will be paid for the entire period of outpatient treatment or sharing with a child in a hospital.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of registered children with malignant neoplasms in 2018 amounted to 308 people, of which 287 were children under 14 years of age. The increase in paid days of disability for insured citizens, of course, will require additional material costs. According to preliminary data, this will require more than 632 thousand rubles. They will need to be incorporated into the draft budget of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund for 2020.

The deputies intend to consider the legislations of a social orientation, supported today, in the second reading already during the next plenary meeting, which is scheduled for November 13.