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The State Mass Media: it's time to ask


Almost two months after the first discussion of the activities of the State Socialist Movement, the first deputies returned to this topic. They were interested in how the leadership of state-owned TV channels, radio, newspapers and news agencies took into account the recommendations, comments and suggestions of the founders of the republic. Earlier members of the consultative assembly January 26 talked about the importance of patriotic education, the ideological fullness of information programs, sound personnel policy and, in general, the role of state-owned media.

Director of the State Enterprise "PGTRK" Igor Nikitenko told about what he managed to do in this short period of time. He informed participants of the meeting that the creative groups of the First Pridnestrovian produced two documentary films dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the national militia. The plans are to broadcast programs dedicated to the liberation of Tiraspol, Victory Day, anniversary of the republic. Alexander Karasev, editor-in-chief of “The Pridnestrovie” newspaper shared his creative plans.

Deputy Chairman of the advisory meeting Anna Volkova evaluated the work of the state mass media for a short period after the change in the republic of political power. In her opinion, the creative teams of the media faced difficult tasks: to raise the former authority of the main state newspaper and TV channel. In this regard, the first Pridnestrovian deputies consider it expedient and necessary to pay special attention to highlighting patriotic upbringing, attracting tourists to the republic, creating educational and cognitive programs.

After the discussion of the important public topic, the founders of the republic developed a number of recommendations. They suppose that the authorities' task is to create acceptable working conditions for journalists, enhance their professional skills. In addition, they consider it necessary to introduce the position of literary editors in the media staffs, to provide a preferential subscription to "The Pridnestrovie", "The Adevarul Nistryan", "The Gomin" republic newspapers for veterans and defenders of Pridnestrovie.