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State support for small business


Employees of small and micro-enterprises will receive sick leave payments immediately from the Unified State Social Insurance Fund. The changed mechanism for the payment of benefits for sick leave will be launched next year. The amendments to the current legislation were adopted by the deputies of the Supreme Council in the final reading.

Today, a micro-enterprise must pay sick leave benefits immediately, and then the United State Social Insurance Fund returns the money spent to it. Such payments are made out of time. The reason is the lack of sufficient funds from small businesses. The deputies of the Supreme Council Sergei Cheban and Viktor Guzun proposed to simplify the current procedure, based on appeals from voters.

Under the new simplified mechanism, when small businesses apply to the social insurance fund, the money will be sent to the employee to a bank card within 30 days. The deputies consider that this will contribute to the provision of state support to small businesses.

The law-in-draft provides support for women entrepreneurs. They will be able to receive maternity benefits. Today, such payments are not provided for by law.

The size of the maternity allowance for individual entrepreneurs will be 170 minimum wages per month. Maternity leave is approximately 4.5 months (70 days before and 70 days after childbirth). According to the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor, over 1000 women entrepreneurs are potentially eligible for maternity benefits. Expenditures from the republican budget for these purposes amount to about 8 million rubles.

According to the parliamentarian, a regulatory framework will be developed over the next year, which will make it possible to apply the norms of the law on the payment of maternity benefits to individual entrepreneurs when planning the republican budget for 2022. Accordingly, funds in the budget will be sought and planned, Viktor Guzun emphasized.

Other deputies of the Supreme Council spoke in support of additional payments to women entrepreneurs.

The relevant legislations were adopted by the Supreme Council in the final reading. The documents were sent for signature to the PMR President.