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of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

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The year of fruitful work


The Supreme Council summarizes the results of legislative activity for the past period. The Parliamentary Committee on Legislation, Law Enforcement, Defense, Security, Peacekeeping, Protection of Citizens' Rights and Freedoms examined about 500 legislative initiatives in 2017. The Supreme Council adopted 109 of the 186 legislations for which the specialized committee was responsible. 87 laws were adopted in final reading and entered into force after it was signed by the President.

The liberalization of the institution of citizenship and the overall migration policy can be called one of the most significant and long-awaited decisions for the republic. A package of laws regulating this sphere was developed on behalf of the President Vadim Krasnoselsky. Discussing the amendments to the laws, along with parliamentarians, representatives of relevant ministries and departments participated in it. Vice Speaker of the Parliament, head of the responsible committee Galina Antyufeeva, commenting on the adoption of laws, noted that they are aimed at creating a positive image of the republic, implementing constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in obtaining citizenship and choosing a place of residence in the PMR.

Another important package of laws, sent by the relevant committee and adopted by the deputy corps, concerns the activities of the prosecutor's office. The Office has been returned many of the powers lost in recent years, including through interaction with the judiciary. In the opinion of parliamentarians, changes in legislation are called upon to restore balance in the law enforcement system.

Among the socially significant legislations prepared by the committee and adopted by the Supreme Council are amendments to the law "On General Military Duty and Military Service" and a number of other legislative acts. Their goal is to increase the prestige and attractiveness of service in the army for conscripts. In particular, the law stipulates the possibility, during military service, to continue studying in universities in absentia. However, for students of medical and physical and mathematical, as well as for those who receive the first vocational education abroad, the law establishes a postponement of military service for the entire period of study.

One of the politically significant and evoked positive resonance in the society was the law "On the order of use on the territory of the PMR of the State Flag of the Russian Federation". Now the state symbol of Russia can be seen on all administrative buildings of the republic. According to the law, the state flag of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is located first on the left, to the right of it - the Russian national flag. In the opinion of parliamentarians, the adopted law underscores the adherence and aspiration of Pridnestrovians to reunification with the Russian Federation in accordance with the will expressed in the referendum September 17, 2006.