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The Interests of the People is the Main Thing


The President of PMR, the Cabinet members, deputies of the Supreme Council - are in one room, at one table. The conversation was attended by the heads of public services, the judiciary, heads of administrations of cities and districts, CCI and other public organizations. Behind is a three-hour conversation about how the country will develop in the current year.

The President has set the state authorities the main tasks that the joint efforts to be solved in 2017. It is expected that implementation will take from weeks to a year.

Anticipating the presentation on this topic, Vadim Krasnoselsky briefly summarized the results of the first meeting, held recently with Moldovan colleague - Igor Dodon.

The weather made adjustments in a substantive conversation. The Head of State pointed the utilities and online services the Interior Ministry to take measures to combat the elements, street cleaning, delivery of firewood living alone, the opening of centers for the reception of citizens, where they will be provided with shelter, warmth, food.It is known that 2017 was declared as the entrepreneur Year by the presidential decree. According to the head of the republic, business development is impossible without the creation of investment attractiveness, a stable tariff policy, tax system of preferences, conditions for opening new jobs. Exciting issues for business are planned, starting in February, on a monthly basis to discuss during meetings between representatives of government and business.

The development of Pridnestrovian economy will contribute to the establishment of the Centre for Strategic Development and Reform Commission, as well as the intensification of economic relations with the Russian regions. One form of this cooperation is to open trading houses of Pridnestrovie in the Russian Federation. There is a good example - Trade House in Voronezh, which the products of the leading producers of Pridnestrovie are sold.The Supreme Council in the framework of this year draft national budget was ordered to provide sources of funding compensation for Soviet deposits. The Parliament was given the task to adopt a law "On public control". This is necessary, including for the development of a mechanism to monitor the expenditure of funds of special gas account.

The head of state mentioned the subject of unauthorized currency crisis. In this regard, Vadim Krasnoselsky clearly stated its principled position: settings "currency corridor" should be installed only when the Supreme Council adopted the basic directions of the state monetary policy.

The President set a task for government officials that the main thing in their daily activities should be person's needs.