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The main holiday of the village


The hospitable and sunny village of Karagash celebrates the temple festival. This is a tradition that unites all generations of villagers. The patroness of Karagash is one of the most revered images of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. A rural temple was consecrated in honor of her more than two hundred years ago. Here the main celebrations began in the morning: a solemn liturgy took place, which ended in a traditional procession. The deputies of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba and Pavel Shinkaryuk shared the joy of the holiday with the villagers.

Celebrations continued in the center of the village. Entertainment for children, tents with treats were organized. The workers of the Karagas kindergarten “Romanitsa” are holding a charity event in support of children with the possibility of using them: funds from the sale of hand-made souvenirs will be sent to the rehabilitation center that opened this year in the village. A solemn meeting was held in the house of culture. Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba congratulated the villagers on the holiday.

Decent work of residents of Karagash received state awards. Elderly families were honored at the festival. Two married couples registered marriage at the Karagash registry office 55 years ago and lived all their lives in their native village. These are Ivan Efremovich and Olga Viktorovna Andronati, Vasily Leontyevich and Efrasinya Lukyanovna Shvedul. Gifts were also received to families who celebrated their golden anniversary this year. A new washing machine for a kindergarten and a computer for a rural museum are gifts from deputies of the Supreme Council representing the interests of villagers in parliament.

Many changes have taken place in Karagash for the better over the past two years. Street lighting that has been absent for several decades, are restored. Soon, good drinking water will appear in the villagers' houses. This is one of the most pressing problems of Karagash. Artesian wells drilled, it remains to connect water supply to them. Thanks to the state capital investment program, a major overhaul of one of the kindergarten units was conducted, several new groups were opened, and the remaining three blocks replaced the roof. Future plans include an overhaul of the outpatient clinic facilities, arrangement of park areas and playgrounds. Villagers are proud of this.