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At the meeting with the President


The progress of construction and repair of social infrastructure facilities included in the Capital Investment Program for 2019 was discussed today at the meeting with the President. The theme for the republic is significant, since is about the improvement of each district and city, in fact, about improving the quality of life of Pridnestrovians. The program for this year is not only construction, reconstruction of social facilities, but also their equipment with modern equipment, furniture and equipment. The program was approved by the Supreme Council in December 2018. According to the head of the Department of Construction, Architecture and Road Management of the PMR Ministry of Economic Development Ivan Untu, the total amount of funding for the capital investment program for 2019 is 250 million rubles. The plans for the current year - 113 new objects. The amount of funding is 155 million rubles. Particular attention – health care. This year over 41 million rubles were allocated for the repair and construction of medical institutions.

As the head of state noted, it is necessary to build something new today, but there should be common sense in everything, a rational approach. It is important to take into account the opinion of residents and the point of view of the heads of state administrations. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that we need to think about what to do with old buildings.

Many buildings of health care institutions, in particular hospitals and maternal and child centers in Dubasary and Tiraspol were built during the Soviet era and do not meet modern needs, including from a medical point of view.

We discussed the situation with objects of culture. According to the President, they should be gradually introduced into the program. Houses of culture, cinemas, especially in the villages, were not engaged in 30-40 years. They are in emergency condition, many are not heated, but at the same time they are visited by villagers. It is also important the construction of children's and sports grounds, the arrangement of park areas. For example, this is the Catherine Park in Tiraspol this year. Arrangement of an entrance colonnade will be engaged. Today, experts are working on an architectural engineering structure that will meet everyone entering city from Bendery. The plans of the Bendery include the repair of rowing base, Dolphin pool, and construction of a trolleybus line. In total, this year there will be 12 new facilities in Bendery, 9 in the capital, 6 in Grigoriopol, 5 in Dubossary, 4 in Kamenka, Rybnitsa and Slobodzeya districts.

The work is already underway to form the list of objects for the next year. To date, applications have been received for the construction of 118 objects. Proposals are accepted until May 15. The list will be compiled and submitted to the government for approval. Legislators are also actively involved in this work.

Alexander Korshunov recalled the control function of the Supreme Council, enshrined in the Constitution. In his opinion, deputies should at any stage of reconstruction or construction participate in the control of the formation of estimates, tenders, as well as the acceptance of objects.

The investment program has already proven its effectiveness. Further step-by-step work in this direction will allow changing the face of the republic, creating comfortable living conditions for Pridnestrovians and making the country attractive for guests and tourists. Bringing the roads after winter to a technically good condition will also contribute to this. This issue was discussed during the meeting. The heads of state administrations reported to the President on how the construction of local housing cooperative was proceeding.