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The Hero of his Time


Andrei Manoilov. He is a person with heightened sense of justice. Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council of the 1st convocation. How did he remain in the memories of his associates and daughter Elena? A native citizen of Tiraspol. Born on October 15, 1945 in the family of a railway worker. Graduated from high school. He served in the Armed Forces. He worked as a driver in the production association "Tiraspoltrans". Brigadier. Innovator. When a wave of nationalism swept across Moldova at the end of the 80s, he could not stand aside.

Andrei Manoilov won the elections on an alternative basis and in February 1990 became a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Moldavia. That time, there was still confidence that through the parliament of the Moldavian SSR it was possible to defend the interests of the Pridnestrovians.

That time, the Pridnestrovians realized that only they themselves must decide their fate. Andrei Manoilov took an active part in organizing and conducting two congresses of deputies of all levels of Pridnestrovie. On September 2, 1990, he was elected chairman of the Central Election Commission for November elections to the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. Having become a Deputy of the Supreme Council, on November 29 of the same year, he was elected Deputy Chairman of the Republic, Igor Smirnov.

The system of state control was formed in Pridnestrovie thanks to the efforts of Andrei Manoilov. He was appointed the Head of the relevant Committee of the Supreme Soviet in 1990. To this day, the successor to the State Control Committee - the Accounts Chamber - is housed in a building erected thanks to his initiative and direct participation.

During the period when Igor Smirnov, being the first Chairman of the PMSSR, was arrested, Andrei Manoilov acted as the Head of state.

Probably, during that period, Andrei Manoilov was finally convinced of the need for structures that would provide protection for the inhabitants of the republic. Manoilov became one of the founders of the State Security Department under the Supreme Council, later the Ministry of State Security of the PMR. A memorial plate is installed on the building of the ministry. The street where the building of the Ministry of State Security is located, the former Kommunisticheskaya, was renamed for the first time in the history of Pridnestrovie. Now it bears the name of Andrei Manoilov.

The armed aggression on the part of Moldova became another test for the Pridnestrovians in 1992, including for Andrei Manoilov. As a representative of the President, he was sent to the most important area of ​​the hostilities - Dubossary. He was constantly in combat positions, coordinating the actions of the guards, Cossacks and militias. In 2010, the Dubossary border commandant's office was named after Andrei Manoilov.

Until the last day Andrei Manoilov did everything in his power for his native republic and for the Pridnestrovians.

Andrei Manoilov did not live exactly a month before his fiftieth birthday. The memory of the public and statesman, politician, father and grandfather is kept by his relatives, associates, deputies of the Supreme Council and residents of Pridnestrovie, for which he did so much.