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The Heroes who live near us


It has already become a good tradition. Participants in the events of the distant 1992 gather in the building of the Bendery branch of Agroprombank every year. Then, under the shelling of the nationalists of Moldova, there were bank employees who could not leave the building. The shelling lasted about five hours. A group of militiamen went to their rescue.

The fire was of such intensity that from Pushkin Street, where the bank is located, it was no longer possible to approach the building. They had to go on the other side, climb over a two-meter fence and only after that get into the bank building. Through the same fence all the bank employees had to be evacuated. They, accompanied by another group of militiamen left along Komsomolskaya Street. However, after completing the rescue operation, the militia officers remaining in the building realized that the bank was already firing from all sides. There was no escape route.

The roof began to burn. Glasses were broken. Just at that moment, when there was no hope of salvation, a strong knock was heard at the back door of the bank. It turned out that the commander of the militia battalion came to the rescue. With his unit, he broke through the fire and led everyone out of fire.

This story, one of the many associated with the tragic day of June 19, 1992, became known to the Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council, chairman of the board of Agroprombank Yuri Kucherenko.

Witnesses of the June 1992 events shared their memories for a long time at a home-style set table in the same building where shots rattled 28 years ago. They remember to preserve this amazing story of salvation. This is one of the glorious episodes of courage, honor and courage in the great history of Bendery.