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Gagauzia - Pridnestrovie: reset relations


Pridnestrovian and Gagauz peoples are bound by the inextricable threads of friendship and cooperation. We have many things in common: mentality, family ties, recent historical past. The republic remember the historical events of the early 90, in autonomy they remember with gratitude the "Gagauz march", when volunteers from Pridnestrovie came to help the fraternal people. March 2012, the Chairman of the Supreme Council Anatoly Kaminsky and the head of the People's Assembly of Gagauzia Anna Kharlamenko signed an agreement on cooperation between the parliaments. The parties pledged to promote the development of inter-parliamentary relations and share legislative experience.

Today the Gagauz delegation consisting of the Chairman of the People's Assembly of Gagauzia Vladimir Kyssa and his deputy Alexander Tarnavsky visited the parliament of Pridnestrovie. Guests visited the plenary session of the Supreme Council, talked with the leadership of the Pridnestrovian parliament. In the course of the meeting, they shared their impressions of the visit to the conference hall, the legislative work of their colleagues. The heads of the two parliaments, Alexander Shcherba and Vladimir Kyssa, signed a new agreement on the cooperation of legislatures.

The parliamentarians expressed hope that the signed agreement will become not only a formal document, but also a real platform for cooperation, strengthening the inter-parliamentary dialogue, expanding mutually beneficial contacts, sharing practical experience for the benefit of friendly peoples.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council was invited to visit Gagauzia on the day of the celebration of the day of the city of Comrat.

After the meeting in the Supreme Council, the parliamentarians of Pridnestrovie and Gagauzia laid flowers at the Moscow Memorial of Glory. Fresh flowers laid down to the graves of defenders of the republic, soldiers-liberators.