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Members of “The Obnovlenie” (Renewal) parliamentary faction held a regular meeting. Controversial legislations are included to the agenda that the deputies will have to discuss during today's plenary session. Among them there is law-in-draft providing for an increase in penalties, as well as an increase in responsibility for illegal hunting.

Draft legislation that contains a register of names of settlements of the republic is almost ready. Currently, these issues are regulated by decree of the President. The adoption of the list of names of settlements in Pridnestrovie as an integral appendix to the law on administrative-territorial division will not lead to the need to replace the documents in the hands of citizens in connection with their change. The entry into force of this legislation is especially expected in the CEC for the organization of electoral processes.

In order to simplify the procedure for adopting and adjusting the state program for the execution of voter orders, members of the faction voted for amending the law “On the punishments of voters”. It became possible to change its points by adopting a relevant resolution by the Supreme Council in accordance with it. The implementation of the program of execution of the orders of voters in the past year has shown its effectiveness, the necessary practical experience has been gained, which will be applied.

The subject of discussion of members of “The Obnovlenie” in the course of the last meeting was legislative initiative of the government, proposing amendments to the Housing Code. It was proposed to increase the level of payment for housing and communal services by analogy with the legislation of the Russian Federation, to increase the amount of penalties for late payment. According to the law-in-draft, its size, starting from 31 days, will be 1/300 of the refinancing rate of the central bank of the amount owed for each day of delay. Starting from 91 days, the size of the interest is proposed to increase to 1/130 More clearly, it looks like this: 6 rubles a month in penalties will be charged per thousand rubles of debt. Today, the debt of the population to public utilities is about 160 million rubles.

The proposed law-in-draft has caused a lively parliamentary debate. Among discussed topics there was the necessity for more active work of life-supporting organizations on appeals to the courts with a view to obtaining the resulting debt, taking into account the social status of taxpayers, applying a deferment and installment system, restrictions on the debtors leaving. Deputy Oleg Petrik suggested using a motivating approach to solving the problem of non-payments. In cases where the debtor actively extinguishes debts, the amount of interest may decrease.

Some members of the faction focused on the need for housing maintenance companies to conclude contracts with citizens for maintenance of the housing stock. It was noted that the most disciplined payers of utility legislations, despite the low level of income, are pensioners. The majority of debtors do not live on the territory of the republic.

Another issue that was discussed and provoked considerable discussion was the law-in-draft on amending certain provisions of the Code on Administrative Offenses. It is about creating a system in which the violator of the Traffic Regulations does not have to pay a fine directly at the place of violation.

Members of the faction during the meeting were informed about the extensive work currently underway in the legislature to adjust the norms of the Regulations of the Supreme Council. A large number of proposals to make changes and addenda was received.