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Formation of the agenda of the Parliament


The Supreme Council continues to work on the law-in-draft "On the Republican Budget for 2022". A large number of interagency meetings have already taken place. This is due to the need to agree on all controversial issues before the main financial law is passed for consideration by the entire deputy corps.

After discussion, the Presidium decided to supplement the agenda of the plenary session, which will be held on December 8, with a number of legislations.

The deputies will consider law-in-draft on the approval of the State Target Program “Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases in the PMR for 2022–2026” tomorrow, in the first reading. A new program for Pridnestrovie was developed by order of the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and is designed for 5 years. The need to create a program is due to the fact that diseases of the circulatory system are one of the main problems for human health.

According to the work schedule, the Parliament in the first reading will consider the law-in-draft with amendments and additions to the law "On education". It is about teaching students at the expense of the state. This form of training obliges graduates to work from 1 to 3 years in government bodies, local governments or other organizations in the profession they have acquired. Until now, the law did not apply to students who study in public institutions under residency programs. The deputies of the Education Committee proposed to amend the law so that compulsory work in the specialty would apply to university graduates who have mastered residency programs.

The deputy corps in addition  will have to consider law-in-draft with amendments to the law “On non-profit organizations” at one of the next plenary sessions. Organizations of this type can conduct not only face-to-face, but also absentee voting, if this is enshrined in the constituent documents. Due to the action of the quarantine measures caused by the pandemic, the law prescribed that decisions in absentia will be considered legal even in those organizations in which the online form of decisions is not reflected in the constituent documents. The norm of the law is valid until December 31, 2021. The unfavorable epidemiological situation continues, so the deputies proposed extending this period until the end of 2022.