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Is there access to information?


Deputies during the plenary session heard the information on the results of the Supreme Court’s activities over the past year. The report was presented by the head of the judicial authority Vladimir Rymar. He said that in 2018 city courts and district courts heard about 36 thousand cases. According to Vladimir Rymar, the average workload per judge is 61 cases per month. At the same time, he called a reduction in the time limits for consideration of cases and an improvement in the quality of work a positive aspect of the activity of the Supreme Court. The latest case, currently in litigation, dates from mid-October 2018.

Parliamentarians representing the interests of voters voiced questions, in particular, of concern to citizens. They concerned the posting on the official website of the Supreme Court of information on the cases.

According to Vladimir Rymar, the archive of court decisions is kept, information on the handling of cases by the courts is updated daily. At the same time, the Chairman of the Supreme Court focused the attention of the deputies on the need to update the material and technical base of the judicial department, as well as to carry out repairs to the buildings of the courts.

The deputies at the end of the discussion took note of the presented report.