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The September issue of the printed edition of the Supreme Council - “The Council of the People” newspaper was published after a short break. The text of appeal of the President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky and Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic Alexander Shcherba to the UN opens it. It was unanimously supported by parliamentarians. The official document contains a request for granting observer status to Pridnestrovie in this authoritative international organization.

The meeting between the leadership of the republic and parliamentarians with a delegation of well-known Russian businessmen was dedicated to restoring the previous economic ties with Russia, increasing the export flows to the vast Russian market with products labeled "Made in Pridnestrovie", attracting foreign investment, and creating a favorable business climate. Details are in the article "We are glad to investors".

"Work in a new way" tells about the joint work of employees of the State Customs Committee, the Supreme Council and the Government on the creation of a new edition of the Customs Code. This was demonstrated by customs officers and legislators, who developed, discussed and adopted 324 amendments to the document.

Legislative activity of parliamentarians in September was reflected in the selection of materials under the general heading "In the future".

"Dialogues with voters" - the so-called publication describing the progress of citizens' receptions on personal issues, which are invariably held by the leaders of the Supreme Council - Alexander Shcherba and Galina Antyufeeva.

This theme is continued in the traditional printed reports of the people's representatives before those who entrusted them to represent the interests in the Supreme Council by the citizens published in the first autumn issue of “The Council of the People” newspaper. This time its turn of Ilona Turyaeva, Evgeny Gushan and Mikhail Burla.

One more newspaper news is that the Supreme Council and the Public Chamber signed an agreement on cooperation. The answer to the question "why?" can be found in the material "Interaction for the Benefit of Voters".