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Additional support measures entered into force


The President Vadim Krasnoselsky signed the law “On Amendments and Additions to the Law of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic “On State Support during the State of Emergency 2020”. The Supreme Council adopted it on May 13. This is the second package of government support measures for businesses and citizens. Work on the document was carried out jointly with all state authorities and the President of the PMR.

Support for individual entrepreneurs

The adopted and already signed law makes it possible to receive cash payment to all individual entrepreneurs whose activities were suspended during the state of emergency by regulatory acts. Regardless of whether they receive a pension, scholarship or allowance. Condition: availability of certificate of a self-employed person or patent at the time of the introduction of the state of emergency in the republic. Payment shall be charged from the date of restriction, prohibition or suspension of activity until the termination of these circumstances. Cash compensation is paid through the Unified State Social Insurance Fund and is not tax deductible. At the same time, the procedure for processing cash payment has been simplified. It is necessary for an individual entrepreneur to submit to the unified fund of social insurance a statement with information about the number of individual's bank account and a copy of passport (pages containing the name, date, month, year of birth). The application can be sent by e-mail or by post. It can also be taken to the territorial bodies of the Federal State Statistics Service and put in a special ballot box for correspondence.

Additional amendments provide an opportunity for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities to receive financial resources for the payment of salaries to employees. This measure is aimed at preserving jobs. The state is ready to finance half of the salary of 1 minimum wage for employees of small enterprises, whose annual turnover does not exceed 700 thousand MW. These funds are non-taxable income. Payment is made on the basis of legal act of the Government.

In addition, for the payment of salaries or taxes, the State Reserve Fund will be able to issue interest-free loans without collateral to individual entrepreneurs and microenterprises. The loan will be issued on guarantee of the founders without the participation of commercial banks. 1675 rubles will be charged per microenterprise employee. The total loan amount depends on the number of employees. The loan must be repaid before the end of this year. The procedure for soft loans is approved by the Government.

Social support

Food packages for children benefiting from this can be replaced with cash compensation. The procedure for acquiring and issuing food packages or paying monetary compensation is established by legal act of the Government.

Salary supplements for the previously assigned qualification category are retained for healthcare workers struggling with coronavirus infection. Such a measure will be valid for the entire period of the emergency and another 30 days after its cancellation. The size of premiums and bonuses to health workers will be determined by the Government.