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Listen to the woman


On the eve of the International Women's Day on March 8, the President Vadim Krasnoselsky met with heads of women's non-governmental organizations in the House of Official Reception. The dialogue with "the most charming and attractive" was attended by the Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov, the head of the Committee of the Supreme Council for Social Policy, Health, Labor, Family and Childhood Issues Sergei Cheban, heads of ministries and departments. It began with congratulations and the delivery of flowers to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

Vadim Krasnoselsky did not outline the range of topics and issues that he would like to discuss with a cup of tea with representatives of women's non-governmental organizations. But at the very beginning he made a special emphasis on the role that the women of Pridnestrovie played in the birth, protection and establishment of the Pridnestrovian state. They demonstrate all these years their active civic position. Vadim Krasnoselsky reminded how in the most difficult years for the young republic, women blocked the railway, how the people's militia was transferred to the jurisdiction of the PMR, how they were next to men in the trenches, how the wounded were rescued and found money for their treatment, went to the countries of the near abroad in order to tell about what is happening in Pridnestrovie.

 Most of the issues that the meeting participants asked the President and other leaders, concerned our current reality: the low level of wages of state employees, hopes and plans for raising it, the prospects for recognizing the republic, social benefits, providing medicines, accepting Russian citizenship and receiving a Russian pension, abroad, health improvement and the birth of children. The chairman of the Union of Women of Pridnestrovie, Tatyana Dolishnyaya, asked the President: what would be changed in a year after his election campaign?

The participants in the course of the meeting discussed the issues of legislative provision of social benefits, in particular, with regard to the widows and mothers of perished defenders of Pridnestrovie. A corresponding letter from the public organization "Memory" was submitted to the parliament.

Particular attention was paid to the social security and support of people with disabilities. This is completely justified, because "a woman always feels sharper pains of others". This topic is raised for a reason, since the 2018 is declared by the President of the PMR the Year of Equal Opportunities. The President supposes that it is not permissible to limit oneself only to the plan of measures to support this category of citizens - a state program is required, designed for at least three years.

The meeting was going on, and the women's issues did not end there. Deputy. the chairman of the Union of Moldavians Galina Gursky asked to help in establishing the bust of the Moldovan poet Nicolai Tsurcanu; the head of the Ukrainian Culture Society Alisa Kokhanova - a commemorative plaque with words of gratitude to Pridnestrovian Ukraine, in 92-m sheltering more than 100 thousand refugees; the permanent director of "Hesed" Anna Kondrashchenko thanked for the monument erected in the end of January killed in Tiraspol residents of the city during the Patriotic War, and the chairman of the Union of Russian Communities Viorika Kokhtareva called on Pridnestrovian Russians to take part in the presidential elections in Russia.

Two and a half hours of conversation about life flew instantly, and in memory of the meeting with the President - a general photo.