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The Dialogue of Generations


The Deputy of the Supreme Council, the chairman of “The Obnovlenie” (Renewal) parliamentary faction Petr Pasat met with teenagers, vacationers in the Dubossary children's health camp, according to the party website.

Warm summer, vacations and comfort in the camp set the children up for recreation and entertainment, but did not reduce their interest in serious matters. The meeting of the people's elect with the pupils of the senior detachments turned out to be lively and truly businesslike.

The deputy spoke about the formation of the state of the PMR, the role of the Council of People's Deputies in this, the history of the creation of the Supreme Council, the powers and today's work of the highest legislature.

Schoolchildren, in turn, did not ask children's questions: about the economic prospects of the republic, its relations with Russia and neighboring states, the situation around the dollar, the rules of entrepreneurs' work on the patent, environmental safety, the effectiveness of fighting corruption, etc.

Much was said at the meeting about the choice of the future profession, which, according to the children, should combine both a favorite business and financial benefits, as well as the problem of youth employment. Peter Pasat gave exhaustive answers to each question which were often accompanied by applause.

Commenting on the meeting, the parliamentarian representing the interests of the Dubossary in the legislature of the republic said that communication with the children left a pleasant impression.

Petr Pasat gave the library of the camp a set of books - editions of socio-political subjects, fiction, handed souvenirs to the children who showed the greatest activity during the meeting.

360 children from all over Pridnestrovie are now resting in the Dubossary children's health camp.